Data Center is most convenient, secure, 24 x 7 Support and redundant network.


COL gives the flexibility of choosing the bandwidth from 128 kbps to DS3 for their Servers and offering the most redundant bandwidth.

Rack Space

Rack space is available from 2U to multiple servers as required by customer. Pricing for rack space includes power, diesel generator, UPS, Surge Protection and bandwidth etc.

Data Center Features

COL provides a suitable environments to keep your business online 24 x 7 with our multiple DS3 backbone and redundant connections, onside UPS backup generator and also with reliable and scalable Internet bandwidth connectivity.

•  High performance, reliable and scalable dedicated network.

•  Stable Internet backbone of multiple bandwidth providers.

•  24 x 7 Support.

•  UPS protected systems.

•  Diesel generator for backup power.

•  Managed Services options available.

•  Ample rack space.

•  Access to Fiber Network of Bharati, Reliance and BSNL.

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