Interbranch Communication

COL provide corporate customers with Voice Over IP (VOIP) services that run on top of shared IP networks and internal EPBX.


Head Office to Branch Office Network. (Point to Point and Point to Multi Point)

Benefits :

•  Build VOIP services over existing infrastructure
•  Expand current service offerings to business voice/data customers
•  Supports additional and complementary VOIP business services
•  Based on open and flexible platform
•  Scalable and reliable
•  Centrally managed
•  Large family of COL Gateways supports all sizes of offices and campuses
•  Provides substantial cost savings
•  Available as a customized, turnkey VOIP solutions

Overview :

Corporations with remote offices and Campuses benefit from COL VOIP services by tying together distant employees, departments and divisions at lower costs.

Easy-to-Use :

Employees in distant corporate offices can call each other using SIP based VOIP Phones at both the ends.

Scalable :

The network can be upgraded anytime as you expand your business horizons across the world.

Secure :

Access to network resources is controlled, calls that are originated pass thru a security-encrypted code before entering Internet clouts.

Centralized and Manageable :

All COL network elements are managed from a centralized point, enabling the network administrator to:

• Configure the VOIP dialing plan
•  View network alerts and statistics
•  Configure Routing policies etc.

Solution Components :

•  COL IP Phone
•  COL 2/4/8 Port Gateway

Interoperates with any H323/SIP Devices

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