City Online Designs, Install and manage a total wireless solution to Hospitality Industry to support their business operations.

Services Offered

•  Site study & Site Survey.
•  Network design & Supply of equipments.
•  Installation & Commissioning of wireless equipment.
•  Providing high speed bandwidth to all the rooms, lobys, halls etc.
•  Providing billing & Authentication software.
•  Providing bandwidth management and content filtering.
•  Providing Prepaid Internet access cards to the guests.


•  Optimum design of Network with strong and consistent Signal Coverage.
•  Low cost of deployment from complete hotel coverage.
•  WiFi equipment blends into background and won't ruin aesthetics.
•  WiFi enables both staff and guests, using same infrastructure.
•  Provides indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage from outdoor based equipment eliminating guest    disruptions for deployment or servicing.
•  Remote network Management.

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